Using the book



There are far too many R packages to load them all. It makes sense to have the packages available that are used often in the book:

ggplot2, gridExtra, ggthemes, dplyr, GGally, vcd, extracat

(Some of these packages load further packages via a namespace.)

Many other packages are used in the book, mainly for the datasets supplied with them.

The examples in this book have been run using the package versions available at the end of 2014. Code chunks affected by subsequent changes in packages will be updated accordingly.



Every dataset used is available in R or one of its packages.



The code for every graphic and analysis in the book is available on the Content page. The files of code for each chapter include the lines defining the ggplot theme used throughout the book.



Exercises are provided at the end of the chapters. All exercises use datasets available in R or in one of the packages associated with R. Doing the exercises is highly recommended—to become experienced in carrying out Graphical Data Analysis, you need to gain experience in looking at graphics.